Pennsylvania Causes of Action

Henry I. Langsam, Founding Member, and David E. Romine, Of Counsel, of Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender LLP are the proud authors of Pennsylvania Causes of Action, a practical manual for litigation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Every practitioner has potential clients come in with a factual history of a claim. The lawyer sits and listens and considers what causes of action and defenses might be available and evaluates whether or not he or she can realistically provide representation. Having the causes of action and defenses at your fingertips is an efficient way to analyze the claim promptly by enabling you to instantly analyze the relevant factors. This 700-page manual is designed to save you time through a consistent and easy-to-follow six-point methodology for each type of case consideration, which is explained below.

The Fourth Edition of Pennsylvania Causes of Action is the latest publication in the series, released in January 2020. This edition presents 35 of the most common Causes of Action that attorneys deal with on a regular basis. All Causes have been updated and new Causes have been added* for the Third Edition. This publication lists, analyzes and provides extensive authority for each Cause using the framework of: 1. Definition; 2. Elements; 3. Explanation of Elements; 4. Damages or Remedies; 5. Defenses; and 6. Statutes of Limitations. Cross references to related Causes are also provided. The 35 Causes of Action detailed are:

Abuse of Process | Adverse Possession | Assault | Battery | Breach of Contract | Civil Conspiracy | Contractors’ and Subcontractors’ Payment Act (CASPA) | Conversion | Defamation | Ejectment | Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act | False Imprisonment | Fraud | Insurance Bad Faith | Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress | Intentional Interference With a Contractual Relationship | Invasion of Privacy | Malicious Prosecution | Negligence | Negligent Misrepresentation | Piercing the Corporate Veil | Premises Liability | Private Nuisance | Products Liability | Promissory Estoppel | Public Nuisance | Real Estate Seller Disclosure Law | Survival | Trespass | Unfair Trade Practices Act and Consumer Protection Law | Unjust Enrichment/Quantum Meruit | Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act | Wrongful Death | Wrongful Discharge: Violation of Public Policy | Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings

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