Toxic Substances Control Act Compliance Guide and Service

Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender LLP is the proud publisher and author of The Toxic Substances Control Act Compliance Guide and Service™ (“TSCA Guide”). TSCA Guide is the world’s leading source of up-to-date information on the Toxic Substances Control Act (“TSCA”).

TSCA Guide is a comprehensive, annotated reference guide for all regulations, regulated chemicals lists, inventory and testing requirements, EPA policy instruction booklets and forms, and additional regulatory guidance. It delivers digestible and concise summaries of every TSCA regulation with compliance-oriented information. TSCA Guide makes it simple for businesses to identify whether they are subjected to and comply with EPA regulations.

The TSCA Guide is fully accessible in hard copy book format or online.  The online format allows customers to electronically search the entire inventory of chemical substances.  The TSCA Guide is updated quarterly.

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