General Practice

The firm’s goal in general practice is to achieve reasonable, attainable results consistent with our clients’ needs as efficiently as possible.





The attorneys have represented individuals, families and businesses in general practice for decades including:

Commercial Practice
Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender (LSSH) represents businesses as general counsel which includes, among others:

• Buying and selling businesses
• Contracts
• Leases
• Buying and selling real estate
• Financing
• Generally whatever your business needs

Personal Injury and Catastrophic Loss
Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender represents those persons and businesses with serious injuries and catastrophic loss whether the damage is to the person or property.

• Negligence
• Vehicle Injuries
• Trucking Injuries
• Construction Injuries
• Unsafe Products
• Medical Malpractice
• Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices
• Workplace Injuries

General Litigation
Despite all precautions, disputes arise that can only be resolved through interventions of courts or alternative dispute resolution processes. Our attorneys at Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender represent individuals and families in a broad array of disputed matters both as plaintiffs and defendants in business-related litigation from employment claims to complex contractual disputes in document reviews, demand letters, small claims, large claims, contract review, defense of debt, consumer protection matters and a host of other requirements. As always, our focus is to achieve reasonable results consistent with clients´ needs as efficiently as possible.

Our attorneys understand the risks and costs associated with litigation and seek to minimize collateral disruptions while vigorously protecting and advancing client interests. We use the courts, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques and devices to solve commercial disputes expeditiously.

Real Estate
The Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender real estate practice represents companies and individuals in virtually all aspects of real estate ownership including a strong expertise in all facets of environmental due diligence, brownfields acquisition and development, and litigation. They buy and sell homes, multi-family buildings, and commercial sites. They lease properties for their clients and represent tenants in leasing transactions. They take a practical yet creative approach to achieving their clients´ near- and long-terms objectives.

Areas of practice:
• Residential and commercial sales
• Environmental issues
• Commercial and residential leasing
• Litigation and dispute resolution
• Representation of cooperatives and cooperators
• Representation of condominium associations and condominium owners

Landlord and Tenant
Our firm represents landlords and tenants in leasing, assignments of leases, claims, evictions, collections and other general landlord and tenant matters. Often, the largest single liability of a business or an individual is the lease obligation. The business lease is often a multi-year obligation that may or may not allow for appropriate expansion, contraction and fundamental changes in the operations. As leasing is a very important element of both commercial and residential life, the attorneys at Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender provide counsel and representation as needed.

Debt Collection
Fast and efficient. That’s the Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender approach to providing collection representation on business debts and consumer receivables for its clients’ businesses.

For over 40 years Henry I. Langsam, founding partner, has handled collections for a wide variety of clients in industries that include law, insurance, architecture, healthcare and accounting.

The attorneys at Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender negotiate agreements with debtors that are acceptable to their clients or litigate to judgment. If necessary and appropriate, they follow up and collect.

Other services we offer:
• Foreclosure and real estate sales
• Selling personal property
• Garnishment of securities and bank accounts
• Representation of creditors with business and consumer receivables
• Small and major claims representation
• Counseling contracts in collection
• Guidance on modern tools and technologies to evaluate debtors and potential collection options

Download our Debt Collection Form (PDF)

Estate Planning
It is critically important for both individuals and couples to have an appropriate Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and a Living Will. Under certain circumstances, estate planning tools such as General Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts and Special Needs Trusts are needed. Substantial estates need tax planning to protect future generations which requires more sophisticated estate planning. In these situations, our attorneys prepare the appropriate estate plans and required planning documents to best meet clients´ needs.

Download our Estate Plan Questionnaire Packet (PDF)

Estate Administration

When a family member dies, there are a host of tasks that need attention. During this difficult period of grieving it is helpful and reassuring to have a skilled and knowledgeable attorney personally represent the family in administering the estate including probating the will, appointing an administrator, gathering and paying the bills, gathering and securing the assets, paying the taxes, and distributing the estate. There are many other details that may be required as well in which the firm can assist and represent our clients at this painful time. We will explain the duties of the representative of the deceased, and advise on and assist in tasks required to promptly and properly perform estate administration. Our goal in estate administration is to achieve reasonable, attainable results as efficiently as possible that are consistent with our clients´ needs.

Family Law
We represent individuals in family law matters, including divorce, child and spousal support, custody, relocation, alimony, property division, settlement agreements, enforcement issues and protection from abuse. The firm attorneys handle family law issues with the professionalism, experience and sensitivity necessary to achieve successful results in a prompt and timely manner.

Insurance Subrogation
We represent individuals and businesses with reference to:

• Fire loss
• Automobile loss
• Trucking loss
• Recovery of deductibles

Our firm offers a full range of bankruptcy-related services to businesses and individuals facing financial difficulties as creditors. These sometimes difficult situations typically call for swift, prompt and well thought through actions. We are experienced in protecting our clients’ interests while assisting them to obtain the most advantageous outcome.

Consumer Law
LSSH represents individuals, families and businesses involved in consumer disputes. Areas of representation include:

• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliance
• Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law
• Pennsylvania Plain Language Consumer Contract Act
• Magnuson Moss Warranty Act
• Product warranty matters
• Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act
• Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act

Charter School Law
We have been providing representation to Pennsylvania charter schools on a wide variety of matters for many years and have developed a special depth of knowledge in this area of the law.

Types of matters that LSSH attorneys have handled include:

• State application process and formation of charter schools
• Charter renewal applications
• Appeals of denials of applications and charter renewals
• AYP Appeals
• Leases and building purchases
• Construction bidding
• Teacher contracts
• Consultant contracts
• Employment issues
• Student disciplinary issues
• Special education issues
• Legal audits
• Compliance with Charter School Law, Ethics Act and Sunshine Act
• Compliance with applicable Internal Revenue Code provision and regulations
• General business representation

Real Estate
The LSSH real estate practice encompasses the representation of companies and individuals in virtually all aspects of real estate ownership including all facets of environmental due diligence, brownfields acquisition and development and litigation. Representatives of our firm buy and sell homes, multi-family buildings, and commercial sites. We execute leases for our clients and represent tenants in leasing transactions. Our firm’s attorneys take a practical, creative and imaginative approach to achieving their clients´ objectives. They believe that their clients are best represented when their long term, integrated business goals are kept front and center.

Areas of practice:

• Residential and commercial sales
• Environmental issues
• Litigation and dispute resolution
• Commercial and residential leasing
• Representation of cooperatives and cooperators
• Representation of condominium associations and condominium owners
• Environmental, Site Restoration and Brownfields

Development, including projects in environmentally sensitive areas:

• Due diligence
• Remediation
• Liability protection
• Regulatory approvals
• Grants and loans
• Property management issues, including storage tanks, asbestos, radon and mold
• Environmental insurance

Representative Environmental And Site Restoration Matters Include:

• Advising secured creditors on acquisition and disposition of foreclosed contaminated properties
• Pennsylvania’s Act 2 program
• Obtaining No Further Action letters in New Jersey
• Negotiating buyer/seller agreements and prospective purchaser agreements

Please contact Henry Langsam  or Denise A. Kuestner if you have any questions regarding our services.